“. A person who fails to report a criminal offence is liable to prosecution”

Article 274 of the Penal Federal Code of 1987


The setting fully recognizes its responsibility to safeguard and promote the

welfare of the children in our care. The purpose of this policy is to inform parents

on how we plan to do this.


We recognize that children have the right to feel secure and cannot develop

effectively unless they do so. People can harm children either by direct actions or

by neglect. Children may suffer emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect or a

combination of any of these. All children have the right to be protected against

any of these. The setting will work openly with parents, but reserves itself the

right to contact the police, without notifying parents if this is in the child’s best



– Raise awareness of child protection and safeguarding roles and responsibilities with staff, volunteers and parents.

– Develop, implement and review procedures in Setting that enable all staff and volunteers to identify and report cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.

-Support pupils who have been abused in accordance to our Child Protection Policy.

-Support children with additional needs.

-Ensure the practice of safe recruitment in checking and recording the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children.

-Establish a safe environment in which children can develop.

-Ensure that allegations or concerns against staff are dealt with in accordance with Ministry of Social Affairs policies and procedures and in collaboration with the police.

Whole Staff Responsibilities

The setting recognizes that because of their day-to-day contact with children our staff is well placed to observe the outward signs of abuse.

The setting will therefore:

-Establish and maintain an environment where children feel secure, and are encouraged to talk and are heard.

-Include opportunities in the curriculum for children to develop the skills they need to recognize and stay safe from abuse.

-Follow the procedures set out by the Ministry of Social Affairs and take account of the guidance issued by the Ministry of Interior.

– Treat all disclosures with the strictest confidence.

-Ensure that parents have an understanding of the responsibility places by law on Setting and its staff for child protection.

-Notify the Ministry of Interior Child Protection Centre of any cases of alleged or suspected child abuse.

-Inform parents of any concerns and provide them with opportunities to change the situation. (Only if this does not place the child at a greater risk.)

-Notify the nurse if there are any unexplained absences for more than 2 days.

-Develop effective links with the local police and with the MOI Child Protection Centre.

-Ensure that a Child Protection Liaison Officer (CPLO) is appointed.

CPLO responsibilities

In this nursery the CPLO is Manager

-Ensure that the staff are fully aware of and understand their responsibilities and obligations under this policy.

-Ensure that they have received appropriate training and attend training every 2 years.

-Ensure that the Manager, staff and volunteers knows the name of the CPLO, her role and responsibilities.

-Ensure that all staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities in being alert to the signs of abuse and the responsibility for referring any

Concerns to the CPLO.

-Ensure that whole setting training occurs every 2 years.

-Keep written records of child protection concerns that are kept securely and separately from the main pupil file and use these records to assess the likelihood of risk.

-Ensure that copies of child protection records or records of concern are transferred – separate from pupil files- to the new school immediately when the child leaves.

As a Early year setting we will educate and encourage children to keep safe through:

The content of the curriculum.

-By being positive and providing a supportive and secure environment.

-By being alert and aware of possible abuse or neglect.

I have read and understand this policy and understand that My Nursery will do everything in its power to protect our children and are obliged by law to report any inconsistencies.