About Us

My Nursery the leading EYFS bilingual Arabic and English nursery in the UAE. My Nursery is safe, secure, comfortable and happy environment for children aged 0 to 5 years and a ideal place to give them their earliest experience of formal education. We strive to make it their Second home.

The child is always our first priority. We deliver information in a fun and exciting way that will help a child remember what they learned. We are able to offer a curriculum and approach that is individualized, and tailor made to meet every child’s unique needs. We work hand in hand with parents to ensure that we know every child exceptionally well through our key person system. We believe that a strong partnership with parents supports the holistic care, learning and development goals for our children which in turn, enables every child to reach their full potential.

Our Benefits


Our contemporary EYFS, Early Years Foundation Stage, framework is based on the British curriculum. It is also inspired by the latest neuroscience studies and combined with best practices from other important educational philosophies like Reggio Emilia and Montessori. To support each child’s growth and development and to reveal their interests, talents, and personalities, at My Nursery we create opportunities for play, learning, and exploration.

Our Safety Rules

Our aim is to create a safe, secure and positive learning environment for the children. As such, we have implemented robust health and safety standards in My Nursery.The needs of children are very specific, and we pride ourselves on the conversion and construction of building that are perfect for children.We have a complete set of Health and Safety policies and procedures. This is available to all parents and is intended to give you comprehensive information about the nursery. This fosters best practices and a safe, healthy, happy environment for children, parents, and staff.

Arabic Language

Arabic language programme has been designed to introduce the children to the language from a young age and prepare them with the foundations to ensure a smooth transition into primary school, where Arabic is taught as a mandatory subject in the UAE schools.
The Arabic curriculum complements the English language instruction, follows the same themes and focuses on the Characteristics of Effective Learning:


  • Playing and Exploring
  • Being Active
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking
Fun Activities

Extra Weeks And Camps

My Nursery remains open all year round as we appreciate that many of our parents work and need year round options for their child.  Outside of our publicized term dates we run holiday camps during the summer period and  half term, spring and winter breaks.

Our holiday camps all have a dedicated theme and children still follow educational, fun activities based on the theme for each particular camp. Camp attendance is available to all our families, being optional for families on our Academic plan and included for families on our Full Year Plan.

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Our Philosophy:

Happy Children and Happy Parents
For over 17 years, My Nursery has demonstrated our deep commitment to early childhood education. Our nurturing and dynamic teachers celebrate the wonder of childhood while working with families to build positive and engaging experiences. Our play-centered approach spans indoor and outdoor environments to cultivate curiosity, celebrate individuality and promote a sense of belonging. As children progress through our program, we understand they will mature at an individual pace but through a predictable sequence of developmental stages. In their earliest years, they benefit from concrete, hands-on play that stimulates all their senses, and curricula that fosters growth in all domains of learning.

Director Note:

Dear Prospective and Current Families,

Welcome to My Nursery. We are a nurturing community of teachers and staff, parents and children — an extended family committed to creating a safe, fun and meaningful early childhood experience. Together we instill and celebrate a life-long love of learning and friendship. Children at My Nursery are treated with respect, consistency, and encouragement. In this warm environment, children experience playful and developmentally-appropriate learning each day as they grow and blossom.  Our bright, welcoming spaces — including six classrooms, 2 Montessori room, large indoor play space, outdoor play area, Music room, Emirati Corner and one beautiful inside playgrounds — inspire exploration and learning. My Nursery  staff and parents partner closely to ensure the best preschool experience possible for each child. Communication between parents, teachers, and administration is ongoing. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their children’s nursery lives through involvement in events, from Parent Coffees and Nights Out to Family  Breakfasts to Parent/Teacher Conferences.

We invite you to come see our Nursery and meet our teachers at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you in person!

All the best,

Aisha Abdul Rahman Director

Manager Note:
Welcome to My Nursery Dubai
Thank you for your confidence in our nursery and working staff. We are committed to provide the highest level of education and care
As a early learning center my nursery and qualified hard-working team always work for your child to learn and play in positive environment .The administration sets daily and weekly plans to update the parents.